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MaxFax 2014-01

Scientific Two Bit + One Issue - 25" models that fill the bill for then new FAC event, with plans for Bantam, Sky Scraper, & Fury. Kudzu 2014 flyer. Get building!


MaxFax 2014-02

Joe Ott Issue - Joe Ott bio written by Stew Meyers with plans for his 22" Me109, Cub and early "Sky Persuit" and some great olde time adds. Kudzu Klassic & NBM Fun Fly results. Photos! Amazing modelling history and more!!


MaxFax 2014-03

Rubber Power Issue - Amazing Rubber Facts and Recording Torque Meter by Stew Meyers, Flight Trim with Free-wheeling Props by Fred Wilson, Richard Morgan Cabin Model plan and article by Dan Driscoll, Science! Engineering! Arduinos! Photos!


MaxFax 2014-04

Dime Scale Helldiver Issue - Recording Torque Meter update by Stew Meyers, Barron Field Race Results, SBC-3 Helldiver Neo-dimer by Dave Mitchell, NBM 1/18/2015 results, Kudzu report from Frank Rowsome, Gurney Flaps and Piscataway National Park Flying by Glen Simpers, photos and more!